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Every day, handicapped people have to fight not only with their disabilities but also with the fact, that they cannot book the hotel or pension of their choice when going for holiday, simply because the number of accommodation with suitable facilities is limited. Having our products in your hotel is an interesting opportunity how you can attract new customers and increase your sales. Besides, you can make the stay of seniors in your hotel more relaxing and comfortable.We can offer you a wide range of equipment for bathrooms and living rooms as well as the products enabling an easier movement of handicapped people both inside and outside.Purchasing our products is a very reasonable investment, considering the added value you can offer to your customers. One example for all, the mobility scooters are very popular at mountain resorts as they are helping seniors and people with mobility difficulties to easily reach places which would otherwise remain unattainable for them.

Both new and used products are on offer, it is only up to you, which one you choose.